Murrin Woodworking Studio
50 N. Railroad Street
Whiteland, IN 46184
phone: 630-398-2893

About Murrin Woodworking Studio

Murrin Woodworking Studio is an artisan woodworking studio and we work in both residential and commercial markets. Some of our main focuses include furniture, architectural installations and cabinetry. We build our own original, custom-collaborated or clients’ personal designs.

Our unique clients’ requirements are not constrained by manufacturers’ limited product lines. Our clients are able to work with us to produce individual pieces or sets that fit any particular home or business environment. Murrin Woodworking Studio uses traditional and contemporary building techniques and embellishments to create the finest quality and most beautiful pieces that can be produced. The design and construction of fine furnishings by a craftsman allows for greater creativity to be realized than is possible with mass-produced products.

Our ability to incorporate embellishments in our work (inlay, sculpting, veneering, marquetry, parquetry, engraving, gilding and patination, wood bending, fine joinery, pyrography, unique hardware, etc.) allows us to add beauty and functional art to your environment that is rare, to say the least, and raises the living experience to a higher level.

We ask you to think outside the box and use that beautiful imagination. Don’t ever limit your creativity!

Products: Studio Furniture, Furniture Design, Artisan Woodworking, Custom Woodworking