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Preview the ’22 Decorators’ Show House & Gardens

Indianapolis’ premier Show House event runs Saturday, April 23 through Sunday, May 8 as the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild welcomes the public to the 61st annual Decorators’ Show House & Gardens for daily tours. The Indiana Design Center is proud to present this video to you and support this historic design event that raises funds for Eskenazi Health.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek of the home and purchase your tickets in advance at
5320 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis
Tickets will not be available at the door.

VIDEO: 2021 Decorators’ Show House & Gardens

The Columns on Meridian
5417 North Meridian Street

Indianapolis’ premier Show House event runs Saturday, April 24 through Sunday, May 9 as the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild welcomes the public to the 60th annual Decorators’ Show House & Gardens for daily tours. The Indiana Design Center is proud to present this video to you and support this historic design event that raises funds for Eskenazi Health.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek of the home and purchase your tickets in advance at
Tickets will not be available at the door this year.

WISH-TV IndyStyle Shares IDC Spring Open House

Many thanks to WISH-TV’s Indy Style for welcoming Holder Mattress president, Lauren Taylor, on-air to share all you need to know about the IDC’s upcoming Spring Design Open House. There will be inspiration around every corner for your 2021 home projects, opportunities to talk with showroom experts and plenty of special offers and giveaways. Be sure to watch the full segment.

To register, email [email protected].

Make Your Outdoor Space the Place to Be This Summer

The summer of 2020 will undoubtedly look different than many of us imagined as we work to keep communities safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19. With people spending more time at home than usual and fewer large social events to attend, many will turn to outdoor activities to enjoy all that nature has to offer us. To maximize your summer experience, it helps to spruce up your outdoor areas and extend your living space. Randy Sorrell, owner of Surroundings by Natureworks+, gave us some helpful tips to make your backyard your own oasis with the help of some exciting products from The Premier Group and Drapery Street showrooms. 

1. Spring Cleaning

The first, easiest thing to do to upgrade your outdoor space is to clean, recommends Randy. Get a broom and clear away the dirt and the cobwebs, then scrub your patio or deck with some warm sudsy water.

“It is amazing how fresh and uplifting your patio space can feel with a little cleaning,” he says.

Once your space is clean, you can work on ways to improve it. In the yard you can cut the grass, spread some fresh mulch and hang a bird feeder or two. At this point your yard will be at a lovely starting point. Clean and fresh and pretty to look at – from the inside or outside – with minimal investment. But to really boost the outdoor living experience this summer, you may want to devote some time and/or money to things that make your space even more comfortable and livable. 

This composite deck by Trex is an excellent example of beautiful, livable and easy-to-maintain surfaces. Trex is available through Surroundings by Natureworks+, suite 120-B at the IDC, and also has a display on the second floor of the IDC.

2. Tech Talk

These days, many of the additions you might make to your outdoor space involve technology – it seems that there is an app for most everything. If you have a dining area, why not install some discreet bluetooth speakers and some ambient lighting? The Premier Group showroom at the Indiana Design Center has an array of technology solutions for the outdoors.

Owner Jason Barth says, “We design our outdoor audio systems to sound incredible to those in the living area but in a way that will not disturb your neighbors. Outdoor TV’s are also popular as they withstand the elements and homeowners can enjoy their favorite programs and games in the open air.”

outdoor sound

A discreet yet robust outdoor audio solution by The Premier Group nestled into the landscaping. Suite 118 at the IDC.

Or construct a pergola with retractable shades that cut down on sun, wind and bugs? All of these can make your outdoor dining experience more comfortable and can be controlled with your phone. “Privacy and shade dominate the design discussions we are having with our clients right now,” says Randy. These technologies make accommodating requests like this easy.

Drapery Street owner Caryn O’Sullivan shares the excitement about technology and how motorized products are creating excellent design solutions.

“For exterior projects, our outdoor shades can block heat, harsh sun, and bugs while maintaining your views. They can also keep debris from blowing into your porch,” says O’Sullivan.

This outdoor shade installed by Drapery Street is set to raise and lower based upon time of day while also allowing the homeowners to enjoy the golf course view. Suite 109 at the IDC.

3. Expanded Outdoor Living Space

Maybe you have always wanted to add something major to your outdoor living setup but haven’t made it happen for some reason. Randy mentioned that many people have decided that the time is now to add a new deck or a fire pit or even a hot tub. With new designs in pre-fabricated fire urns and better all-weather decking materials along with natural stones and pavers, it is a great time to pull the trigger on a big project. 

Simple pleasures can be the most important thing. That is why it is so important to make your outdoor space what you want it to be. Make it a place you enjoy – have your morning coffee on the deck, or invite a couple of friends over for an al fresco dinner. Or merely just enjoy time outside with your family.

An outdoor fire feature creates incredible ambiance outdoors and can be enjoyed from spring through fall,” says Godby Hearth & Home owner Brian Adams.  The experts at Godby Hearth & Home help their clients pick from designs fabricated on-site or turn-key manufactured options.

Outdoor fire features completed by Godby Hearth & Home. Suite 113 at the IDC. 

Randy believes, “We are finally appreciating how valuable our outdoor spaces are and the impact being outdoors has on our psyche. It brings families together and can completely change how you view your surroundings.” With a beautifully updated space, living in the new normal can be a pleasure.

This outdoor setting designed by Surroundings by Natureworks+ maximized the living space and created various areas for relaxing, cooking, privacy and entertainment.

4. Plants + Pops of Color

Flowers in ornamental pots contribute vibrant pops of color and fragrance to your patio or deck area. Flowering shrubs are another great choice, serving as a lovely low-maintenance addition to your yard, but can also be placed strategically to increase privacy from neighbors.

Says Randy, “Several new varieties of compact shrubs have been introduced that have prolonged flowering periods and are disease-resistant.”

Select plants that grow to the size you desire and feature the blooms that you like best. 

Strategically placed plots and hanging baskets add colorful contrasts and lush texture to any outdoor space. Outdoor kitchen by Surroundings by Natureworks+.

To learn more about these designs and products, contact the experts:

Randy Sorrell, Surroundings by Natureworks+ – 317-575-0482

Caryn O’Sullivan, Drapery Street – 317-942-3796

Brian Adams, Godby Hearth & Home – 317-271-8400

Jason Barth, The Premier Group – 317-580-1032

Fall Design Open House & Rusted Window Grand Opening

The Indiana Design Center’s Fall Design Open House was a festive night of seasonal vignettes, featuring autumnal decor and trunk shows showcasing the latest in furniture, art, accessories, jewelry and apparel. It was a fun evening to visit the IDC, see what’s new, mingle with friends and connect with the professionals and resources in the building.

Rusted Window celebrated its grand opening with an open house and holiday decor preview. Holder Mattress presented special mattress savings, in addition to two trunk shows: Vine & Branch and Brocade Blackbird. Coats Wright Art & Design featured a Matouk-dressed bed in coordination with Parkside Linen, and new additions to the gallery: two works by John Mellencamp. Drapery Street hosted two stylish pop-up shops: Love Your Body Boutique and Cindy Riser Designs Jewelry.

PAIR’D Furnishings hosted an expansive art showing with six local artists represented in its space, and Surroundings by Natureworks+ served up Santa Fe Spritzers along with home remodeling advice and conversation. Special thanks also goes to the pop up shops in our Grand Hall: Everything Home and Uplift Intimate Apparel.

Visit the IDC web calendar to stay up to date on future events and sign up for our email to receive invites in your inbox via the “subscribe” button at the bottom of this post.

The IDC halls and showrooms were abuzz with visitors checking out the latest fall introductions, holiday collections, pop-up shops and more. Photo: Michael Durr.

Guests enjoyed meeting with the professionals who call the IDC home over casual design chats. Photo: Michael Durr.

Shoppers perused pop-up boutiques from Cindy Riser Designs, Love Your Body, Everything Home and Uplift Intimate Apparel. Photo: Michael Durr.

The Rusted Window welcomed friends new and old to its new showroom at the IDC. Photo: Michael Durr.

Rusted Window is now open in suite 120-b of the IDC. Photo: Michael Durr.

Blu Moon Cafe served up a delightful fall menu. Photo: Michael Durr.

Coats-Wright Art & Design presents work by John Mellencamp. Photo: Michael Durr.

PAIR’d Furnishings presented the work of six local artists. Photo: Michael Durr.

Holder Mattress is all set for holiday gift-giving and decor. Photo: Michael Durr.

Holiday decor at Holder Mattress. Photo: Michael Durr.

Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs introduced pairings of navy and blue colored tile with flooring by DuChateau. Photo: Michael Durr.

58th Annual Decorators’ Show House & Gardens

The Indiana Design Center is proud to support the 58th annual Decorators’ Show House & Gardens. This year’s home is located at 4160 Washington Boulevard and celebrates its 100th year. The Show House features the work of more than thirty participating design firms and opens to the public for daily tours on Saturday, April 27 and runs through Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12 (11 a.m. – 6 p.m., closed Mondays). We encourage you to enjoy what is one of Indiana’s most beloved design traditions!

Watch the video below for a sneak peek of the home and to learn more about the “Centennial Estate”. Visit to purchase tickets.

DOC Wrap-up: Tips for a Chic and Organized Holiday Season

The fall season of our Designer on Call series wrapped up Thursday, November 8 with an informative seminar on how to have a chic and organized holiday season, presented by Caryn O’Sullivan of Drapery Street and Maria Baer of The Baer Minimalist. The session was focused on tips to organize yourself in preparation for the coming holidays and how to do it in a beautiful, chic way.

Maria Baer and Caryn O’Sullivan.

Caryn and Maria both had lots of tips and suggestions to not only have an organized and stylish holiday season, but also one that is true to your individual style and has meaning for you and your family. Here are 5 key takeaways from the workshop:

1. Create a Checklist

Before decorating a single branch of your tree or baking the first gingerbread cookie, it is important to make a holiday checklist to determine tasks at hand, budgets, etc. Once a plan of action is put into place it is much easier to tick off items on the list, or to delegate things to other family members!

Set out platters ahead of time and make notes as to what food will go where. It makes it easy when it is time to set the table for the party – and for people to help set up!

2. Attending Events

Look at your calendar ahead of time and think about your needs: do you need babysitters? Holiday outfits? Hostess gifts? Add these things to the list so you can cross things off your list early. Once the invitations roll in, you will have these things in mind so you can reply immediately. RSVP to your events and make it a point to be there and be engaged with the other party guests. Have fun!

3. Hosting and Decorating

Some of Maria and Caryn’s best tips involved hosting holiday events and setting a beautiful table. It helps to think about the look or the mood of the party you are going for and then you can plan food and décor accordingly. Determine your look – modern, traditional, casual – and then pick a color that you can repeat throughout your home in all of your holiday decor. A traditional red is always welcome, as is a beautiful, neutral gold. Add in texture with greenery and fabrics in cotton, burlap, even faux fur, and in a variety of patterns. On the tabletop, a selection of table linens with flowers and greenery and varying heights in candlesticks and serveware complements the metallics and sparkle of place settings.

Once your plan has been set in place, you can relax and mingle with your guests as they arrive. It is fun to have an activity like a gift exchange or game or even wine tasting to get people involved and talking. Setting the atmosphere is also something that instantly welcomes your guests – so make sure you have a cozy fire going, light some candles and make a Spotify playlist with all of your holiday favorites. Careful consideration of your home’s ambiance is one of the most important things when making sure that everyone feels welcome – that is what makes the holiday magic.

A modern place setting is achieved with square white dishware and matte black utensils. Touches of gold and greenery add elegant touches, along with a mini Champagne party favor.

A beautiful and polished place setting can also be made with paper goods. Hexagonal plates are stacked with celebratory swizzle sticks, in tones of gold and marble, setting a casual but refined mood.

4. Consumable Gifts

When thinking about those hostess gifts (and any other gifts), think outside of the literal box. Consumable gifts aren’t things that are easily wrapped in a pretty box, but they are things that most everyone enjoys. Whether it be a plate of home-baked cookies or a beautiful bottle of champagne, these gifts are always appreciated. Things like tickets to events, museum memberships or other experiences like classes to learn a new skill are appreciated as a new and different kind of gift.

Consumable gifts include candles. These Plaid candles are from Holder Mattress in suite 119 of the IDC.

5. Holiday Storage

When it is time to put everything away for the season, think about the decor you pull out every year. Are there things that sit in the box, unused? It might be time to donate or get rid of some decorations, making sure that you aren’t taking up valuable storage space. When storing wreaths, hang them on a wall with removable hooks. The wreath won’t be crushed and will be ready to hang for next year. You can also plan to hit the after-holiday sales to stock up on wrapping paper, ribbon, etc. Getting a head start on next year’s holiday is always a good idea.

For even more great tips and further details from the presentation, visit the two-part recap series on The Baer Minimalist’s blog.

DOC Wrap-up: Classic Designs and Fresh Ideas with Rosalind Brinn Pope

The first Designer on Call workshop of the season was a great success, with designer Rosalind Brinn Pope presenting inspiration in the form of photos of selected design projects, as well as a recent lake house remodel. She gave professional tips on how to incorporate light into a home, what materials and finishes to use in an open-concept design, and how to incorporate colors harmoniously. Her classic, refined style seamlessly ties in with her practical and timeless advice.

At the seminar, Pope spoke about the Decorator’s Show House, in which she participated again this year, a Carmel home that she redesigned and lakeside cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee.

In the Carmel home, she took a dark, closed-in kitchen and brightened it up by taking out some upper cabinets, as well as using white in a variety of finishes to achieve a clean, beautiful design open to the other living areas of the house, with expansive workspace.

This open concept kitchen uses white in a variety of finishes, including marble, subway tile and cabinetry.

To maximize space and functionality in this kitchen, she installed a rolling barn door to hide a coffee station and microwave, as well as conceal additional storage space. This solution creates an area in an otherwise small kitchen and maintains streamlined sight lines in an open floor space.

A gray-slatted rolling door moves easily for access to the microwave or coffee station, while providing additional concealed storage space.

Pope also spoke about open floor plans while discussing the lake cottage remodel. In this home the living room, kitchen and dining room are all open to each other, as well as being visually adjacent to much of the rest of the house. To create harmony and closeness in a shared space such as this, she used recurring finishes – warm pine planks and paneling, white trim and wainscoting, natural stone, black granite and black metal – and compatible colors, in taupe, blue and white. These elements recur in all areas in the vast, connected room, which joins the spaces and makes it feel cozy and cohesive.

The white wood cabinetry mixed with the natural wood, as well as the black hardware and countertops joins the connected spaces in this open floor plan.

The dining room, with natural wood, dark metal and white-painted details echoes the adjoining kitchen and living room.

The living room showcases more natural wood tones as well as the blue and white color scheme seen in other main areas of the home.

The repetition of the blue and white and natural wood tones, enhanced with a patriotic pop of red lends interest to the den, without looking discordant.

The adjacent den employs the same finishes and color scheme while also playing up the blues and whites with touches of red for a dose of Americana. Layered with the Oriental rug and other bits of chinoiserie and nautical motifs, the overall effect is an interesting and collected whole.

About Rosalind Brinn Pope

Rosalind Brinn Pope has been creating custom designs in Indiana and North Carolina for over 20 years. She is renowned for her classic, timeless designs and attention to detail. Rosalind works with your architecture, collections and favorite furniture to create a home of comfort and grace, reflecting your lifestyle.

Rosalind Brinn Pope is a professional member of ASID. She has participated in numerous Indianapolis Dream Homes and Show Houses, and has been featured in Indianapolis Monthly Magazine.

  • Complete interior design services, including interior space planning and design consultations
  • Custom draperies, bedding and upholstery in sumptuous fabrics and trimmings
  • Fine furniture, lamps, flooring and accessories
  • Bed linens, including Egyptian cotton sheeting, duvet covers and matelassé coverlets


LUXE 2018 Celebrates the Best in Design

The Indiana Design Center recently presented its annual two-day home design event to celebrate the best in luxury design, sponsored by Victory Surfaces, on February 9 and 10, 2018.

The Friday evening event, “Setting the Table for Good Design”, kicked off the weekend, showcasing over 20 tabletop displays decorated by the state’s leading interior designers. The special guest speaker was designer and artist, Barry Lantz.

Barry Lantz and his daughter and business partner, Amanda Lantz.

Party attendees with Barry Lantz prints.

Barry, in a lively exchange with WTHR’s Julia Moffitt, shared his story of creative inspiration which started in small town Indiana. Inspired by his mother’s style and with his roots in furniture, design and art, he has built an impressive career that has led to a business partnership with his daughter, Amanda Lantz, and most recently, licensing partnerships with prominent design industry manufacturers like Kravet Inc.

The money raised in this ticketed event benefitted the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation (IBCF), whose mission is to invest in children with visual impairments, so each child will thrive in school and daily life. The event also featured a pop-up art gallery, exhibiting student work from the School for the Blind as well as honoree Barry Lantz, with its proceeds also going toward the IBCF.

Tablescape design by David Jackson & Co.

Tablescape by Julie O’Brien Design Group

Tabletop design by Interior Design Therapy’s Angie Wilson.

The second day of the LUXE Design Showcase saw the IDC welcome celebrity designer, TV personality and author Thom Filicia. The program began with an informative kitchen design panel discussion featuring Adam Gibson of Adam Gibson Design, Rob Klein and Amy Kreutz of Conceptual Kitchens and Millwork and Jason Barth of Premier Home Electronics.

Kravet Inc.’s Beth Greene chats with Thom Filicia.

Jason Barth of Premier Home Electronics, Adam Gibson of Adam Gibson Design and Amy Kreutz and Rob Klein of Conceptual Kitchens and Millwork all speak on kitchen topics and design.

Following the kitchen panel, an entertaining and informative conversation with Thom Filicia was moderated by Beth Greene, Kravet, Inc. Executive V.P. and Director of Strategic Branding & Marketing. On his first visit to the Indianapolis area, Thom shared his design philosophy. He also told stories about his broad career in design, spanning television shows, retail and creating fabric and furniture collections, to approximately 120 attendees in the Indiana Design Center’s Grand Hall.

As promised, both days provided inspiration and expertise for attendees to carry through to their 2018 design projects. New ideas and event plans are already underway for LUXE 2019. For more photos of this year’s event, please go to our Facebook page.

Beth Greene, Amanda Lantz, Thom Filicia, Barry Lantz, Andrea Kleymeyer, Laura Beck LaFrenais and Tom Vriesman commemorate LUXE 2018.

Event photography by Jamie Carey Sangar.

A special thank you to the Event Sponsors:

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Our Picks for 2017

The holiday shopping season has begun and the Indiana Design Center is a one-stop shop for the special people in your life and your own wish list. From unique hostess gifts to heirloom jewelry for your sweetheart, we’ve selected chic holiday gifts for the most discerning recipients.

December will be a special month in the Carmel Arts & Design district as Santa’s House will be located on the Indiana Design Center’s grounds and a holiday trolley will shuttle shoppers to and from downtown Carmel’s shopping districts. Join us Saturday, December 2 when Santa arrives in the District for Holiday in the District. Cheers to a memorable holiday season with those you love!

Holiday Cookie Box from Blu Moon Cafe, suite 115.

“Bunnies” portrait, acrylic on canvas by Hunt Slonem from Coats-Wright Art & Design, suite 122.

Gold and rose gold glassware from Holder Mattress, suite 119.

Holiday throw pillows from Holder Mattress Co., suite 119.

LED Bluetooth portable lantern by Kichler from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, suite 101.

Marble cheese board and knife from Holder Mattress Co., suite 119.

Tahitian pearl necklace with amethyst geode pendant from Aronstam Fine Jewelers, suite 215.

Sonos Play5 wireless speaker from The Premier Group, suite 118.

Faux fur gloves from Holder Mattress, suite 119.

Couture drapery and fabrics by Diane von Furstenberg for Kravet from Drapery Street, suite 109.

Milan Furniture Fair Review Reported by Tom Vriesman

Every April the design faithful make their pilgrimage to Milan, Italy for the annual international furniture fair, the Salone del Mobile. Nearly 350,000 devotees from around the world flock to design mecca to experience firsthand the latest innovations from industry leaders and design universities. This year Euroluce, the lighting fair, was also held. Just as in fashion, it seems that “no trends” is the “new trend.”

Tom Vriesman

Tom Vriesman, Design Studio Vriesman

With an anything goes ethos pervading—mining history, inventing new materials and fabrication techniques, hypothesizing future needs and applications—eclecticism rules the day.  Nevertheless, certain commonalities do emerge. Whether they take hold or are the genesis of new movements remains to be seen.

At the lighting fair, reduction in form to basic geometries and elements, sculptural exuberance and the use of light as a physical material captured the imagination. Michael Anastassiades Mobile Chandelier series, continued his minimalist formal explorations.  Forma Fantasma’s collection for Flos produced lighting that “delivered the most with the least.” Their Wire Ring series reduced illumination to just the light source and the power cord. Lighting maestro Ingo Maurer, further developed his beloved MaMo Nouchies with new bulbous sculptural forms inspired by Japanese lanterns.


FORMAFANTASMA WIRE RING SERIES | | Photo credit: Officine Mimesi


“MOONATI” LAMP BY INGO MAURER | | Photo: Tom Vack. (c) Ingo Maurer GmbH, Munich.

Greenery continues its global dominance begun at the beginning of 2017 with its being named as the Pantone color of the year. Moooi’s Marcel Wanders enveloped his Cloud sofa in the verdant tone. It was also seen in many shades and forms of marble’s dramatic veining especially in the artful hands of Martina Gamboni. Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata inspired Germans Ermics’ Ombre Glass Chair in a way that was pure homage.


GERMANS ERMICS’ OMBRE GLASS CHAIR | | photo credit: Jussi Puikkonen

—Reported by Tom Vriesman, Design Studio Vriesman

2017 Meridian Kessler Home & Garden Tour

The longest-running home tour in Indiana, the Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association Home and Garden Tour, has been set this year for June 2, 3, and 4. This year’s theme is, “Live, Work, Shop, Learn, Play, and Grow” and the Indiana Design Center is a proud sponsor.

The 44th annual tour, which runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and 4, features 8 homes – 4311 N. Meridian St., 4115 Washington Blvd., 519 E. 57th St., 5815 Carrollton Ave., 5855 Carrollton Ave., 3825 Ruckle St., 5240 N. Delaware St. and 4511 Broadway St.

Tickets for the day tour are $15 in advance at Fresh Market (College Ave. and 54th St.), two Sullivan’s Hardware locations (49th and Pennsylvania St. and 71st and Keystone Ave.), all Ferguson Enterprise locations (54th and the Monon, Indiana Design Center in Carmel and Appliance Gallery on 96th St.) and National Bank of Indianapolis at 49th and Pennsylvania St.  Tickets may also be purchased in advance online by going to  Same-day tickets may be purchased for $20 at any of the tour homes. For more information, please also visit Meridian-Kessler Home and Garden Tour on Facebook.

Prior to the day tour, this year’s event begins with a special Twilight Tour on Friday, June 2. The homes are open from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The tickets ($65 through May 26; $75 thereafter) entitle participants to tour two homes, 4304 N. Park Ave. and 4144 N. Ruckle St., as well as the Day Tour homes on June 3 or 4. Included with these tickets: dinner (appetizers, 2 drink tickets, and a dessert bar), dancing and a silent auction from 6 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. at a party tent with a live band on the grounds of St. Joan of Arc school, 500 E. 42nd St.

Reservations for the Twilight Tour event are also available at Online bidding for the silent auction will be available at the event and may also be done by those not able to attend. Visit the home tour website for more information.

All proceeds from the tours go to benefit the 52-year-old Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association (MKNA) which, in turn, will use 25 percent of the funds to provide annual MKNA Vi Walker Neighborhood Grants. Since 1999, MKNA has provided more than $300,000 in grants. The 2017 grants, totaling $15,000, include support for bikes for kids, art, gardens, health, and playgrounds.

For more than half a century, MKNA has sustained, protected, and enhanced the neighborhood, one of the most popular in the city.

meridian kessler home and garden tour

meridian kessler home and garden tour

PREVIEW: 2017 Decorators’ Show House & Gardens

As spring gets underway, it is time again to announce the dates set for the 56th annual St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Public tours will begin Saturday, April 29 through Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14.

Enjoy this video produced by the Indiana Design Center to hear what participating designers have to say about the 2017 show house.

This year’s location, the boyhood home of Kurt Vonnegut Jr., is part of the Year of Vonnegut, a year-long citywide celebration of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s life, artwork and activism. 2017 marks a decade since the death of Vonnegut in April 2007. The address for the Show House is 4401 North Illinois St.

“This year the Vonnegut home has very interesting architecture, a lot of history behind it and a great story for Indianapolis,” said interior designer and long-time show house participant, Tom Korecki, an IDC designer.

Since last fall, many local interior designers, landscape designers, and their support teams have been working hard to prepare and execute their design plans.

“What I love about participating in the Decorators’ Show House is that you have the opportunity to really show your own style,” said designer Amanda Lantz, also a designer with the IDC.

This is a unique event where local designers transform blank walls and empty rooms into extraordinary canvases of art and décor and landscapers create lush gardens and outdoor living spaces. The wonderful talent of Indianapolis’ design community combined with the mission of the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has raised over $12 million for Eskenazi Health.

By purchasing a ticket, visitors to the Show House are inspired by great design and give back to an exceptional cause. Tickets are available for purchase for the home tour at, in addition to tickets for some special related events: Taste !ndy, Style !ndy, !ndy on Tap and an Evening with Dan Wakefield, a friend of Kurt Vonnegut and fellow Indianapolis-born writer.

LUXE 2017: 2 Days of Inspiration & Expertise for your Home

The 2017 LUXE Design Showcase was a success as hundreds of central Indiana homeowners visited the building to see and learn the latest in luxury design trends. The Friday evening event, “Setting the Table for Good Design”, benefitted Coburn Place and featured gorgeous tabletop displays designed by Indiana’s leading interior designers and included a conversation with special guests Gwendolyn Rogers, owner of The Cake Bake Shop, and Fanchon Stinger, evening anchor for FOX59.  On Saturday, showrooms were open featuring special products and 8 complimentary design seminars were led by industry professionals and national brands.  Many thanks to everyone involved!  Enjoy this highlight video.

2017 Highlight Video:


Home Preview – Meridian-Kessler Home & Garden Tour

Save the date for The Meridian-Kessler Home & Garden Tour which runs Saturday and Sunday, June 18 and 19.   This longest running and largest tour of vintage homes in Indiana will showcase a variety of styles and ideas for home renovation, landscape and design.  Should you be inspired and like to partner with a design professional, you may visit the IDC’s featured and directory of designers page and other website sections for showroom, product, contractor and artisan listings.

The Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association has offered the IDC a sneak preview of one of the homes featured on the tour.  Allow us to introduce you to the home of Jim Morris and Bob Wood located at 533 East 57th Street.

About the Home: From the exterior, this home looks like a traditional Tudor. Inside, however, it’s completely contemporary thanks to a total renovation completed two years ago. When Jim Morris bought the home in 2008, it had been a neglected rental for some time. Morris acted as his own general contractor and transformed the home during a six-month-long project. He added a second story and opened up the floor plan. Morris, who had previously lived in homes with traditional decor, indulged his desire for a more modern interior, decorating with color and pattern.

Visit to learn more about the events and how to purchase tickets.

You can also follow their facebook page.