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How to Design a Healthy Home for the Mind + Body

A well-designed space should be beneficial to your health and wellness and make a positive impact on your life. Adam Gibson, principal of Adam Gibson Design, located at the Indiana Design Center, speaks across the country about how to design a healthy home. Gibson suggests the following design tips to help improve your overall well-being.

Healthy Home Tip #1: Bring Nature Inside

Being outdoors offers a sense of reprieve from our everyday, technologically over-connected lives, so using natural elements in your home helps achieve a calming design scheme. Accessorizing with greenery like a succulent garden or using materials from the earth, like natural stone or a grasscloth wallcovering, will heighten your connection to the outdoors.

healthy home adam gibson

An orchid lends a tranquil feel to this spa-like bathroom. From the portfolio of Adam Gibson Design.

Healthy Home Tip #2: Improve Indoor Air Quality

The industry term “off-gassing” is used to describe the release of chemicals known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by household products and is linked to serious health concerns. To reduce your exposure to VOCs and improve indoor air quality, always choose paint that qualifies as zero-VOC and be mindful of flooring selections, because carpet and hardwoods produce the most VOCs in the home. In the construction or remodeling phase of design, you can add air filter systems to provide cleaner “makeup air” which pulls air in your home from outside when using an exhaust fan, rather than pulling it from an attic or crawl space. When in doubt, ask a professional to guide you in making safer product and design selections.

healthy home adam gibson

Make careful product selections with zero or low VOC emissions to promote a healthy home environment. From the portfolio of Adam Gibson Design.

Healthy Home Tip #3: Embrace Natural Light

Nearly 50 percent of people in the U.S. are vitamin D deficient, which can trigger low serotonin levels related to depression and anxiety. Just as athletes achieve the “runners high” that results from serotonin released through exercise, serotonin levels can increase with exposure to natural sunlight. Consider window treatments such as sheers or adjustable shades that allow privacy but do not completely block sunlight. Well-appointed skylights, whether conventional or tubular, are also great options, and the infusion of natural light will cut down on your electricity bill.

Want to learn more? Contact Gibson with questions and visit the Indiana Design Center showrooms to see the products and resources that can help you to achieve a healthy home. The Indiana Design Center is located at 200 S. Rangeline Road in Carmel ( and Adam Gibson Design can be reached at [email protected] (

healthy home adam gibson

Allow natural light to infuse your living space for exposure to vitamin D. From the portfolio of Adam Gibson Design.

Ths article was originally written for Indianapolis’ Active Life Magazine.

About Adam Gibson Design: Warmth, Simplicity & Clarity in Design

Adam GibsonAdam Gibson is a design professional specializing in luxury home additions, kitchens and bathrooms, entertainments spaces, and commercial suites. Known for an infusion of clean lines, natural light, warmth, and efficient use of space, Adam brings an outside-the-box imagination, an ear attuned to his clients’ needs, eco-friendly technologies and the desire to create a healthy indoor environment to each of his designs.

Comprehensive construction documents along with color renderings, contractor-client liaison and construction management are all services available to clients. Adam is a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer as designated by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

“Mod Abode” Blogger Designs Rooms with Personality in Drapery Street

Modern style maven, Jamie Sangar, is the creator of Mod Abode, an online design haven curated by Jamie’s discerning eye for design. In this blog series, Jamie visits the IDC showrooms to photograph and tell us what inspires her and why.

A recent visit to Drapery Street in the Indiana Design Center, had me feeling like a kid in a candy store; staring at all the choices and putting my senses to the test, realizing I could never choose just one. There were so many textures, so many colors, so many styles. Ranging in products from wallpaper to textiles and varying trims, your design options are literally endless with the immense selection.

A bird’s-eye view of my room schemes designed at Drapery Street.

What I decided to do once I saw all of the choices available to me, was to really put my imagination to the test by coming up with a make-believe room in a home, one-by-one, and giving it a personality before picking out pieces and pairings that helped define that personality. Talk about tough choices–I was a little confused where to start.

For me, the easiest thing to do is to pick out a favorite piece for a room–a focal point, if you will, that functions as my inspiration for the room that I’m designing. Then based on that focal point or statement piece, add some flare with textures and contrasting patterns and colors.

Take a peek at the rooms I created below by giving each one its own personality.

Kitchen: “Saucy”

Please excuse my sense of humor for calling my make-believe kitchen “saucy!” What I mean by that is I wanted my kitchen to have a soft side to it, but at the same time have a bit of an attitude. This bold floral pattern (below) immediately caught my eye with its gorgeous color palette and graphics. Its sure to be the emphasis of any room that it’s placed in. And while I love the delicacy and the soft lines of the flowers, the tomboy in me added this bold bronze studded trim. And then to add a little dimension, I paired these two pieces with this white sheer that offers a lot of movement with the tiny cuts of fabric.

Kravet and Schumacher textiles from Drapery Street.

Kravet and Schumacher textiles from Drapery Street.

Tiny cuts of fabric add movement and soft detail to the space.

Master Bedroom: “Give and Take”

A good relationship is all about give and take, right? I gave my master bedroom this persona since this space in the home is equally shared by a couple. I wanted it to have both feminine and masculine attributes to it, as to not make one side feel uncomfortable in the room that should feel like a relaxing oasis. I was struck by the floral wallpaper, but what I specifically loved about it was the use of both feminine and masculine colors. It was the perfect focal point to set an even playing field. And then to pull in the hints of “his” side of the equation, I loved this deep, rich leather swatch paired with the grey suit pattern. And since I didn’t want “his” influence in the master bedroom to “one-up” mine, I added in a second slightly feminine touch with this beautiful fabric that adds some shimmer and sparkle to the room when it catches the light just right.

fabrics drapery street masculine

Grey and leather fabrics add a sense of masculinity to this master retreat.

schumacher drapery street

The bold floral print wallcovering presents a feminine side to the design scheme.

Living Room: “Softer Side”

Southwestern textiles are smokin’ hot! So naturally, it was the first thing I grabbed when I was imagining what would set the tone for my living room. In my opinion, living rooms are meant for snuggling, and what better way to find that comfort than with this grey southwestern fleece. And since I like to add little surprises when pairing pieces together, I thought these crystal trim pieces were a little unexpected, but at the same time, a beautiful contrast to the bold grey and hard lines of the geometric pattern in the fleece. Topped off with a warm, shimmery fabric and a beige burlap to add some warmth, this room has me ready to sit down and kick-up my feet.

drapery street fabrics southwestern glamor

Cozy Southwestern vibes contrast with soft glamor in this living room.

Unexpected crystal trim adds some sparkle to the decor.

Little Girl’s Bedroom: “Big Imagination”

This was the easiest room for me to dream-up! Perhaps that’s because I’ve always been a sucker for decorating with black and white and pops of color. This black and white bunny textile is the perfect amount of whimsy for a little girl’s room. The abstract nature of the bunny illustration allows any little girl’s mind to run wild. And while the rebel in me wanted to find something other than the cliche color “pink” for a girl’s room, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the grey, white and bright pink wall paper. The icing on the cake was finding two different trim pieces, varying in size and shape to put the final bedazzle on the room.

This edgey and bold little girl’s room finds a hint of whimsy with the Hunt Slonem “Bunnies” wallcovering for GroundWorks.

Home Office: “Confidence”

Lets face it…I work from home, and my husband has an “office job,” so that means I get to put a girly touch on this space. No one starts his or her own business being timid, so this room had to be designed with some confidence. I couldn’t think of a better, bolder option, than this poppy flower pattern. To me, this looks more like artwork than just a fabric. Not being shy, I wanted to add two more black and white patterns, drastically fluctuating in size to show my level of confidence. Since they are all two-dimensional though, I thought the braided black trim paired with a beaded trim and a polka dot accent gave the room the depth it needed.

drapery street fabric trimmings

An office designed with confidence in mind.

Guest Bedroom: “In-Law Approved”

Since the guest bedroom isn’t used all that much, and the ones most likely to use that space in the home are the in-laws, I decided to come up with a slightly different palette that was a little on the “safer” side, just to keep the mother-in-law happy (ha!). I needed it to still show little signs of quirkiness though so that it flowed with the rest of my home. Blue seems like a safe color to me, so I actually pulled two different room options together below. The first blue option keeps with the floral theme that is sprinkled elsewhere throughout the home, while the second one gave me a more nautical feel. What I loved about the neutrality of all the “secondary” accent pieces that I chose for both options, was that if I ever felt like blue just wasn’t my thing anymore, I could easily swap that pattern out and introduce a new statement piece.

drapery street fabric

Blue florals are welcoming and also relate to other rooms in the home.

drapery street fabric trims nautical

Nautical themes always provide a sense of retreat perfect for a guest room.

Goodness! I don’t mean to be so long-winded, but that’s just how amazing Drapery Street is. The team there does and amazing job at listening to your style preferences, and then coming up with a master plan for you and your home. Or if you are in the mood for a little play time like I displayed above, pay them a visit and start putting personalities and touches on your rooms.

About Mod Abode by Jamie Sangar:

Mod Abode was started out of a passion for three things; photography, architecture and design. A photographer by trade, I figured, what the heck–why 
not combine all of my passions into one. Thus, Mod Abode was born! For as long as I can remember, I have loved design. I’ve always been particularly drawn to modern design. It has always been a favorite pastime to pick up the latest issue of Dwell Magazine and gawk over the stunning modern architecture and clean, minimalist interiors. And every store catalog I receive in the mail containing simple yet bold interior accessories, has a rather long shelf life in my home, because I love to study the featured rooms photographed so beautifully inside the issue. Since starting my photography business in 2006, I’ve had many opportunities to photograph our travels, our home, and lots and lots of happy moments in peoples’ lives. After being a general contractor on the build of our own modern home here in Indianapolis, Indiana, I gained an even stronger appreciation of modern craftsmanship and functional homes built with form in mind. So here you have it, Mod Abode is a broad range of things that interest me, related to modern homes, for modern enthusiasts. 

DESIGN NEWS: Mont Launches Reflective Design Webisode Series

Mont Surfaces, one of the largest suppliers of fine surface materials in the Midwest, has launched a five-episode series of videos that takes viewers on a journey to improved well-being by way of thoughtful design decisions.

Based upon a shared vision of wellness through nature-based design, the collection of short videos features Cleveland artist and designer Susie Frazier explaining how her Reflective Design principles can inspire personal renewal. The first video of the series is below.


By combining Susie’s mindful connection to nature and soulful way of living with Mont’s expertise in trends of fine surface materials, the Reflective Design webisode series empowers and inspires consumers to awaken their own individuality through their own home improvements. Each webisode offers a specific design tip for creating a home environment that supports well-being. The series is offered as a way to educate consumers about the importance of creating spaces that revitalize and nurture the spirit.

“Creating wellness isn’t just about the healthy food we eat or the exercise regimen we keep. It’s about providing our minds with a consistent degree of calm, and to do that we need to start with the layout and design elements of our home,” commented Frazier.

“At Mont, we’ve always known the intrinsic value that earth materials bring to a living space, so we’re thrilled how Susie has turned that shared philosophy into easy-to-understand design principles that anyone can implement,” said Dinesh Bafna, President of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc.

New webisode links will be provided on the Indiana Design Center blog as each are available. For more information on the series and their partnership, please visit and

About Mont Surfaces

With over 27 years of experience, Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. is recognized as one of the Midwest’s premier wholesale suppliers of fine surface materials for commercial and residential projects.  Maintaining an extensive inventory of natural stone (granite, marble, soapstone, travertine, quartzite and onyx), porcelain slabs, precious stone and engineered quartz, Mont travels the world to provide architects, designers, developers and homeowners the ability to select the perfect surface material for their projects.

Mont’s knowledgeable and courteous sales associates have the expertise to guide designers and consumers through the exciting material selection process and serve as the liaison between the designer/consumer and their industry professional.

Mont Granite, Inc.
5945 W 84th Street, Suite A
Indianapolis, IN  46278

DOC Wrap-Up: Mastering the Art of Small Space Design

Dianne Wright

Dianne Wright

The 2017 Designer on Call Workshop series continued Tuesday, April 18 with a presentation made by Dianne Wright, gallery director of Coats-Wright Art & Design. With over 20 years of experience in interior design (and 35 in the fine art world), she can speak with authority on all types of home decor and layout design. She spoke about how to design (and live in) a small space in a thoughtful way.

Dianne provided a slide show of her own apartment home, detailing all of the ways she maximizes her limited space with tips for storage, display and design. Her first rule is no clutter. She advises to “edit, edit, edit,” when it comes to living in a smaller-scale home.

“Keep the things you love the most and get rid of anything extraneous, not useful, or not pleasing to the eye. In a small space everything matters, because household items will often be in plain view instead of stored away,” says Dianne Wright.

Because of this, she advises people to use their cherished possessions, for every day, for display and for storage.
For example: Collected platters or trays can display groups of often-used items in the kitchen. Salt, pepper and olive oil bottles look elegant when placed next to the stove in this way. Rustic wooden bowls can hold fruit on a kitchen counter, creating a pragmatic still life. Mixing the practical and functional with the beautiful makes sense in a small area. Using the things we have already solves many problems – the treasured pieces you love get a useful life, and you don’t have to find additional storage for them.

Dianne takes that approach in all aspects of decorating. She offered many other tips to design a modestly-sized home:

1. Use combined storage

Not all of the things you need to store are nice to look at, so for those types of items, use baskets and other pretty containers to keep these things at bay. Vertical shelving and tops of cabinets and refrigerators are key as well, when it comes to keeping things available for use. She also suggested putting wheeled casters on some shelves and storage units to make it easy to move them around when they are serving dual roles.

living area, small space

Vertical storage is another key element, with room for stacking books and also baskets for closed storage as well.

2. Use double-duty furniture

In a bedroom, you can use an antique armoire to house a TV, while using the drawers below for clothing storage. Or use a small chest next to a bedside for clothing and a nightstand. In a living space, a buffet or credenza can hold a TV on top and store dining items inside, while an ottoman can be additional seating, a comfy place to rest your feet, and an expansive coffee table with the addition of a tray on top.

small space design, storage

An antique buffet is a perfect place for the television, and also for storage.

small space design

A view of the living room from above shows the ottoman, serving as coffee table, but can be pulled apart for additional seating, etc.

3. Hang family photos and art

Scattered picture frames are nice, but only when you have lots of tabletops and surfaces to display them on. Since small spaces are often lacking, hanging frames is more sensible. She also advised to create a gallery wall up a stairwell. It creates a lovely opportunity to display favorite pieces in an often overlooked spot.

gallery wall, small space design

Favorite pieces of framed fine art create a gallery wall up the stairway.

For more design and art expertise, visit Dianne at her showroom in suite 122 of the Indiana Design Center. To view the upcoming Designer On Call workshops click here.

Coats-Wright Art & Design Gallery
Indiana Design Center
200 South Rangeline Road, Suite 122
Carmel, IN 46032
Hours: Tue. – Sat. 10 am – 5 pm
PH 317.569.5980

The Coats-Wright Art & Design Gallery is an eclectic mix of paintings and sculpture by regionally and nationally known artists, both traditional and modern, whose works span the 19th century to present. Among those are T.C. Steele, C. W. Mundy, Janet Scudder, Boaz Vaadia and internationally recognized Robert Rauschenberg, to name a few. We are very enthused to be introducing to the area two artists who are gleaning much national and international recognition, painter Eric Forstmann and sculptor Michael Kalish. We are also excited to offer and showcase antiques from R. Beauchamp Antiques and provide interior design services.

NEW @ THE IDC: Mitsch Design Expands Studio

Highlights include furniture showroom and virtual reality design studio

Mitsch Design’s consistent growth, and the desire to offer clients more turnkey services and advanced technology, has prompted the firm to open an Atlanta office and triple the size of its headquarters office in the Indiana Design Center. The $2 million expansion will create up to 43 jobs in Hamilton County by 2021.

The One–Stop Source for Clients

Founded nearly thirty years ago by Jeryl Mitsch, Mitsch Design is one of Indiana’s largest firms in its field. They have a staff that includes nearly thirty accredited designers and architects, focusing on multifamily, senior care, corporate, healthcare and education projects. “We are anything but typical; we are a one-stop source for our clients,” says Mitsch. “We offer innovative interior design and architecture services, we are also a furniture dealer with over one hundred fifty lines, plus we offer branding and marketing expertise,” she adds.

Mitsch Design: Indiana residential design project.

This simpler, more efficient turnkey business model has helped the firm expand its national market reach with multiple projects underway in nearly twenty states. Local projects have been completed for Angie’s List, Dow Agro Sciences, Citizens Energy, Eskenazi Health, Delta Faucet, Flaherty & Collins, Indianapolis Museum of Art and many others.

“Here in Indianapolis and across the nation, our clients value spaces that encourage face-to-face interaction and green space that creates a connection to the outdoors. The workday can be stressful, so like in a home, we aim to create spaces where people can find a sense of retreat or personal connection,” says Mitsch.

Mitsch Design: Lakes of Valparaiso multi-family project – outdoor space.

Efficiency, Collaboration and Amazement

“We are in a creative, technology-driven business and our headquarters are designed to reflect that,” says Keith Cole, principal at Mitsch Design. Mitsch Design staff members will enjoy the high-tech efficiency and ergonomics of the latest work stations at the newly-designed office.

Mitsch Design: portfolio – commercial project.

In addition to the expansive corporate furniture showroom, the new headquarters will include a space not found everywhere—a Virtual Reality (VR) Studio. With the use of special design processes, software and goggles, Mitsch Design clients will be able to visually and functionally immerse themselves into design options. This ability helps with decision-making and eliminates costly errors. “Virtual Reality is a leading-edge service, and that’s what Mitsch Design is all about,” Cole states.

Local news sources have reported on the Mitsch expansion, including Indiana Economic Development CorporationIndianapolis Star, and Inside Indiana Business.

“Indiana has an abundance of talented and knowledgeable individuals graduating from its universities, so it makes sense for Mitsch Design to attract and hire forward-thinking individuals from our own state to maintain our leadership as innovators in our field,” said Mitsch. “Working with the city and the state will help us to hire and train the high caliber talent that our clients deserve.”

The IEDC has offered the firm up to $75,000 in training grants and up to $225,000 in conditional, performance-based tax credits.

DESIGN NEWS: Drapery Street Awarded “Trendiest Customer of 2016” by Trend

Tenth anniversary celebration honors 32 vendors nationally with Trendiest Customer award; Drapery Street only retailer in Indiana/Michigan region to receive honor.

Drapery Street announced that it has received the Trendiest Customer 2016 honor from Trend, a leading worldwide distributor of decorative fabrics, as part of Trend’s 10-year anniversary celebration.

“We were so honored to be the only Indiana company awarded Trend’s Trendiest Customer 2016,” says Caryn O’Sullivan, owner of Drapery Street. “Trend is one of our favorite resources for exceptional fabrics, trimmings and hardware at a value-conscious price point. We love working with Trend and are proud to carry their line in our store,” adds O’Sullivan.

Designers and clients collaborate at Drapery Street.

The Trendiest Customer designation was awarded to 32 retailers nationally, and Drapery Street was the only recipient of this honor in all of Indiana and Michigan. “What sets us apart is our ability to design with both trends and value in mind delivering beautiful shades and draperies that are trend classics. Our customers value fashionable, stylish designs, and with the recent addition of our extra space, we have been able to showcase more of Trend’s unique styles,” says O’Sullivan.

The textiles and design industry changes quickly as new looks and technologies emerge. “From emerald greens to bold floral prints, velvet and menswear-inspired patterns, Trend has incredible offerings that are on point with the styles our designers and clients want for 2017,” says O’Sullivan.

emerald and gold drapery street

Emerald and gold designs from Drapery Street are on trend for 2017.

You can find photos on Instagram with the hashtags: #10YearsofTrend and #trendfabrics. You can also follow Drapery Street: @draperystreet and Trend: @trendfabrics.

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Rosalind Brinn Pope Interior Design

Rosalind Pope

Rosalind Brinn Pope

Please join us in congratulating designer Rosalind Brinn Pope, who is celebrating 5 years in her studio at the Indiana Design Center and recently won a 2017 Best of Houzz Award for Service. Rosalind also won this award in 2016. In addition to serving and creating for her clients, Rosalind is giving back by participating in this year’s Decorators’ Show House and Gardens.

“I’m so happy to be working with St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild on the Decorators’ Show House again. The event has a wonderful mission that I love to support while showcasing my design work,” said Rosalind.

A classic look with French and English flavor is what Rosalind is best known for. She believes a home should feel as if it developed naturally over time, never trendy or contrived. In achieving this look, her designs include English fabrics, fine silks and woven fabrics, sumptuous trimmings, tassels and plump down-filled upholstery. Her experience includes remodeling projects, kitchens and bathrooms. Attention to detail is what makes Rosalind’s creations truly custom.

Classic design by Rosalind Brinn Pope Interior Design. This dining room was featured in a Decorators’ Show House.

Rosalind holds a bachelor of science in Interior Design from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro, and has over 20 years of professional experience designing beautiful and comfortable home interiors. As a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), she belongs to the country’s oldest and largest professional association for Interior Designers.

Visit Rosalind’s portfolio page to view more of her work.

Rosalind Pope

Classic design by Rosalind Brinn Pope Interior Design.

Classic kitchen design by Rosalind Brinn Pope Interior Design.


MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art presents the pop art world of accomplished artist, Howie Green. Green’s paintings are characteristic of the pop art movement – bold and colorful.  The gallery is currently featuring works that depict famous musicians and notable sports figures, many with Indiana roots.

Green’s artistic career stemmed from his childhood dream of becoming a cartoonist. When he was 11 years old, he received a Christmas present consisting of a large pad of multi-colored newsprint paper and some drawing supplies. From there, something clicked inside of him and he has been drawing ever since. He has always been a pop-culture collector and enthusiast heavily influenced by the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

When Green entered art school at RIT in Rochester, NY, it was the mid-60’s and an explosive time in popular culture. As a student, he met and collaborated with several artists who would later make their mark in the art world such as Mike Gilbert, Karin (Harter/Berg) Lewis and notable painter, Peter Berg. After school, Green worked for the next several decades as an award-winning illustrator and designer. It wasn’t until 1992, when he finally gained notoriety for his paintings with the publication of his book Jazz Fish Zen: Adventures in Mamboland.

Martin Gallery of Fine ArtVisit the MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art to view Howie Green’s work and discuss custom sizes and commissions with owner, Marlon Marton. MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art, Indiana Design Center, Suite 120-B,

Gallery Hours: Mon – Sat, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Maximize Your Budget with Expert Refinishing Solutions

Want to elevate the look of your kitchen but don’t have the budget to pull and replace all of your cabinets? Shines Studios decorative painters, Sarah Hines and Mets Schilstra, shared how you can have the kitchen of your dreams on a tight budget during a workshop hosted at the IDC in March.

A major kitchen remodel is one of the most expensive home improvement projects to undertake, second to adding an entire room addition. The good news is, many homes already have good quality cabinetry in place and simply need an updated finish and hardware selection. With the right artisan and expertise, cabinet refinishing services can be half the cost of new cabinetry.

Kitchen “before”: Shine Studios was called in to modernize this kitchen.

Kitchen “after”: This spacious kitchen now feels more modern with glamorous touches. From the design portfolio of Shines Studios.

dinning room

Dining room “before”: the client wanted to refresh the space while staying true to its architectural details.

Dinning room

Dining room “after”: The custom paint application completed by Shine Studios and color brightened up the space and added visual interest. From the design portfolio of Shines Studios.

Professionals like Sarah and Mets can help you overcome the most common remodeling challenges reported by users:

  1. Finding the right service provider
  2. Sourcing the right products and materials
  3. Staying on budget

In terms of technique, refinishing cabinetry is like refinishing furniture, and not as simple as painting your walls. This is where a decorative artisan painter makes all of the difference. Artisan painters use the finest tools, techniques and spray equipment. They know the right paint and glazing products that won’t chip, fade or yellow. And, they can easily customize a paint finish to suit any design taste. The result: beautifully refinished cabinetry at half the price of brand new cabinets. Below you’ll find examples of Sarah and Mets’ work which extends beyond the kitchen into bathrooms, faux painting, countertops and more.

Staircase revival in a historic home by Shines Studios.

Custom bathroom wall treatment design. A great alternative to wallpaper by Shines Studios.

Custom countertop treatment by Shines Studios.

Custom basement bar cabinet by Shines Studios.


Sarah and Mets have been providing professional refinishing solutions to their clients for years and are both members of IDAL, the International Decorative Artisans League. Sarah is also a CIR for Caromal Colours, a division of Country Living Magazine. Mets is a certified installer for Vahallen Papers which are cutting edge in design for commercial and residential settings. When they are not in-studio, they travel to other markets conducting seminars on techniques and paint products across the county. Thinking about starting a remodeling project? Look to Shines Studios when assembling your design team. They offer cabinet and faux painting at its finest which include: cabinet refinishing, cabinet staining, cabinet glazing, faux finishing, concrete countertops, furniture refinishing, Italian plasters, decorative finishes, Venetian plasters, wood graining, backsplash finishes, wall finishes, ceiling finishes and furniture restoration.

Sarah Hines & Mets Schilstra
505 Sunset Drive
Noblesville, IN  46060
P:  (317) 709-8015
E:  [email protected]

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TRENDS REPORT: Design Resolutions for 2017

With spring around the corner, it’s natural to think about the updates and tweaks that will breathe new life into your home. If you are seeking inspiration and guidance to take the first step toward a design project, this IDC trends report can help.

A carefully-embraced trend can transcend time and ensure you will not be back to the design drawing board in a year. At the IDC, showrooms and design professionals are taking note of national and international design movements via new product introductions and design markets. In the showrooms you’ll find a prevalence of mid-century-inspired designs, geometrics and calming colors.

Mid-Century Modern

As in years past, clean furniture lines continue to reign supreme and take cues from the iconic mid-century modern era of the 1950s and 60s. This mid-century look can be found in the Holder Mattress showroom which features locally-made pieces like chairs and sofas from Outré that are simple and sophisticated.

Outre Lauren chair from Holder Mattress, suite 119 at the IDC.

Geometric Patterns

The prominence of geometric patterns is being expressed in everything from furniture and fabrics to tile, lighting and artwork. Whether a geometric pattern is subtle and adds texture or is bright with bold appeal, the graphic detail provides a modern edge. In the IDC showrooms, the Coats-Wright Art & Design gallery has perfected the combination of geometrically-styled modern artwork in a classic setting. Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs also has a myriad of tile and flooring options that feature geometric patterns.

Coats Wright Art and design

“Seed Storm” Diptych, 60″x60″ by JoAnn Belson from Coats-Wright Art & Design, suite 122 at the IDC.

Multi-pattern hexagon tile from Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs, suite 124 at the IDC.

Calming Colors

While top colors for 2016 from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams were both versions of white, each color authority has amped it up for 2017, while staying in the neutral sphere. Sherwin-Williams has deemed the color Poised Taupe, a timeless neutral that is modern with a balance of warm and cool, its 2017 color of the year. Benjamin Moore introduced a moodier hue, Shadow, that is a deep, rich blend of amethyst and gray.

Poised Taupe by Sherwin-Williams.

Shadow by Benjamin Moore.

Ready to reimagine your space for 2017? Showrooms and professionals at the IDC keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry and combine to make up the best design resource across the state — all under one roof. The Indiana Design Center is open to the public and located in downtown Carmel at 200 South Rangeline Road. Visit today or call 317-569-5975 to set up your personal tour.

GREENERY: Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

“A New Beginning”
Reported by Tom Vriesman, Design Studio Vriesman

Renew. Refresh. Reenergize. Reinvigorate. These are all words that come to mind when one thinks of spring. The cold, gray earth begins to awaken from its slumber and life begins again as infantile shoots of green begin making their way through the earth’s crust. Ah green, it’s the color of optimism and I love it!

The Pantone Color Institute has anointed Greenery, a yellow-green shade, the color of the year. Seen on runways around the globe and furniture introductions from Milan to New York to High Point, Greenery has been creeping onto the world’s radar little by little.

So how do you integrate Greenery into your space? Reupholster a chair or two. Throw down a rug with verdant tones of green. Bring nature inside with a statement-making, large scale plant such as a fiddle leaf fig tree. Paint a room with it. Whatever the scale at which you choose to incorporate green, it will be sure to lift your spirits and give you hope for the future. Showrooms and designers at the Indiana Design Center can also help you go green this year and several examples are below.  From artwork to accessories, furniture, tile, fabrics and wallcoverings, you’re sure to find the right design elements to renew your living space. To learn more, contact Tom Vriesman, Design Studio Vriesman.

Turner wallcovering from Thibaut

Turner wallcovering from Thibaut available through a design professional at The Trade Resource, suite 225 at IDC.

Living room design by Design Studio Vriesman with green Knoll Saarinen Executive chairs.

Living room design by Design Studio Vriesman with green Knoll Saarinen Executive chairs, studio 207-C at the IDC.

Glazzio Oceania glass tile

Glazzio Oceania glass tile available at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs, suite 124 at the IDC.

martin gallery robert park

“Prosperity” by fine art photographer, Robert Park, available at MARTIN Gallery Fine Art suite 120-B at the IDC.

MARKET REPORT: High Point Fall 2016

2016 High Point Market, Reported by Tom Vriesman, Design Studio Vriesman

Twice yearly, the North American design world descends on High Point, North Carolina to witness the introduction of the latest furnishings, textiles and decorative accessories that will transform homes across the nation. Designers, retail buyers, the press and students all clamor to see what will be the tools with which they ply their trade in the coming months. This past fall, gem tones, the romance of Havana, Cuba and the mixing of metals became the overriding trends that will influence home decor in 2017.

1. Gem Tones

The influence of nature is seen in shades of leaf, grass and emerald green.

The Jonathan Lounge by Oly Studio in Lily Pad.

Social Sofa by Wesley Hall.

2. Mixed Metals

While yellow metals like brass, gold and bronze continue to intrigue, their combination with quartz crystal, marble and black add new drama. Lighting fixtures especially radiate the glow of these natural materials.

Kelly Wearstler Halcyon antique burnished brass sconce with quartz by Visual Comfort.

Vaughn Fixed Chandelier by Arteriors.

3. Old Havana

The newly accessible, romantic heritage of Cuba’s capital city is reflected in the flora and fauna of tropical prints. Mid-century styling feels new again with the contrast of vibrant island style.

Hojas Cubanas temporary and removable wallpaper by Tempaper Designs.

“Untitled (Pink Butterflies)” Oil on Canvas, 93x133in by Hunt Slonem. Available at Coats-Wright Art & Design.

To learn more about these trends and products, contact Tom Vriesman ([email protected]) and visit the Indiana Design Center showrooms to see more new product introductions for your home.

Martin Gallery of Fine Art Introduces Dimitra Milan

Martin Gallery of Fine Art is pleased to introduce fine artist Dimitra Milan who has work on display in the gallery. Since she was a young girl, Dimitra Milan has been refining her technique as a fine artist. And, because she graduated from high school 2 years early, she has been on a faster track than most in regard to the national and international sales of her work. But that hasn’t changed the girl within who believes in giving back by supporting ComfyCozies4 Chemo and any organization that advocates against human trafficking. 

Dimitra Milan Martin Gallery of Fine Art

Dimitra Milan,

Dimitra was born in the Southwest and raised by artists Ellie and John Milan. Her artistic process was further informed by the never ending light, the beauty of animals and nature, and her love of children. Whimsical and surreal, her paintings bloom with atmosphere. Each painting boasts the creative and intuitive talents of a master painter – one who has been developing her skill and techniques since the age of 14. 

Martin Gallery of Fine Art represents Dimitra here in Indiana and her works are displayed here at the Indiana Design Center. Marlon Martin welcomes you into his world of gorgeous organic wood furniture and accessories as well as the work of this lovely woman, Dimitra Milan. The gallery is open Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm. 

Dimitra Milan

“Sweet Truth” and “Always on My Mind” by artist Dimitra Milan.

Dimitra MIlan Martin GAllery of Fine ARt

“Distant Ties” by artist Dimitra Milan.

Jeryl Mitsch Awarded NAWBO 2016 Woman Business Owner of the Year

Indianapolis held its 13th annual celebration of Indiana’s women business owners and leaders. This year’s NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Indianapolis Visionary Awards luncheon was presented by PNC Bank on Thursday, December 15, 2016 and boasted over 700 attendees including Indiana Lieutenant Governor and Governor-Elect Eric Holcomb.

We are proud to share that the 2016 Woman Business Owner of the Year was awarded to Jeryl Mitsch, owner and president of Mitsch Design.

Jeryl Mitsch, President Mitsch Design located in the Indiana Design Center, Carmel IN., Suite 213.

Mitsch Design was founded in 1989 by Jeryl Mitsch and Amy Hillenbrand, respected members of the design industry with nearly fifty years of accumulative experience. In 2003, Jeryl became sole owner and her vision continues to drive the business. As president and owner of Mitsch Design, Jeryl has been responsible for the firm’s overall vision and growth. With over 35 years of experience in all phases of architectural/interior design and project management. Mitsch Design is a leading commercial interior design firm with projects in the state of Indiana and throughout the country. During it’s twenty three years of business, Mitsch Design has received numerous awards recognizing design excellence within it’s extensive areas of expertise which include: public/community venues, corporate, healthcare, hospitality, education, museum, government and multi-family projects.

Mitsch Design has been headquartered in the Indiana Design Center in the heart of the Arts & Design District, Carmel for 5 years and we are happy to announce are in the planning stages of expanding into a new space within the center by 2017. This has been a very exciting year for Mitsch Design as they became an exclusive dealer for Tayco furniture – able to offer a high quality product at the best pricing. This partnership allows the firm to provide the right furniture solution in all price ranges.

Join us in congratulating Jeryl Mitsch on her achievement and for being recognized for her continued excellence in business and the design industry!

NAWBO-Indianapolis 2016 Visionary Awards Luncheon. Photo for NAWBO facebook page.

Martin Gallery Introduces Fine Art Photographer Robert Park

It is with great pleasure that the Martin Gallery of Fine Art is exhibiting artist Robert Park’s most notable landscapes for purchase. Stop in today for a personalized demonstration and experience how the light and colors play together creating a unique interpretation of Robert’s artistic vision.


Robert Park, fine art photographer.

A native of New Jersey, Robert Park began his art journey during early childhood taking painting and drawing classes throughout grade school. By high school, he was receiving private instruction from a professor at the Philadelphia College of Art. Enrolled in an exploratory college level program for career artists while in high school, Robert was nominated to the United States National Achievement Academy for outstanding performance in art curriculum. Robert began studying industrial art and launched his career in industrial design in NYC.  By 2000, Robert decided to relocate to Utah and began capturing the light and drama of the Colorado Plateau. In 2001, he left his industrial design career to pursue photography full time.

Robert’s works are dramatic, highly colorful and expressive. He is best known for these beautiful environmental portraits featuring natural landscapes at just the right point in time. Robert uses large format 5 X 7 inch transparency type (slide) film to yield artwork that is the equivalent of his artistic vision. The oversized ephemeral images he produces are captivating.

"Prosperity" Japanese Garden, Portland, OR. - 2008

“Prosperity” Japanese Garden, Portland, OR. (2008). Available at Martin Gallery of Fine Art

"Emergence" Antelope Canyon, AZ. (2010)

“Emergence” Antelope Canyon, AZ. (2010). Available at Martin Gallery of Fine Art.

His works have been featured in numerous national publications and he was also recently selected to exhibit his works in the US Senate Rotunda in conjunction with the National Parks Conservation Association.


“Heaven’s Gate” Scripps Pier, CA. (2013). Available at Martin Gallery of Fine Art

"Frontier Life" Grand Tetons National Park, WY. (2009)

“Frontier Life” Grand Tetons National Park, WY. (2009). Available at Martin Gallery of Fine Art.


MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art

Marlon Martin, Owner
200 S. Rangeline Road, Suite 120-B
Carmel, IN  46032
P:  317.564.4404
E: [email protected]

Showroom Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


DOC Workshop Wrap-Up: Setting Inspired Holiday Tablescapes, presented by David Jackson

David Jackson, owner of David Jackson & Co., rounded out our final workshop of the 2016 series in November with his much-anticipated presentation entitled, “Setting Inspired Holiday Tablescapes.”

david jackson thanksgiving tablescape

Thanksgiving tablescape designed by David Jackson. Jackson’s Ralph Lauren and Saint-Louis crystal stemware, English hunting scene china, and pewter mixed with stag handle flatware combine to create a refined fall theme. Floral design by Loran Hilton, Enflora. Photography by Zachary Raber.

This year, David presented three carefully curated table designs to inspire workshop attendees for the holidays. Each table was unique in style and included an elegant floral design provided by Loran Hilton of Enflora. David and Loran have worked together for years and partner on a majority of David’s special occasion installations.


When entertaining for the holidays, or anytime, David offers what he calls his “5 cornerstones of entertaining” for hosts and hostesses:

  1. Always think of your guests first.
  2. Do three to four things really well. Don’t try to do it all. Delegate the remaining 15 items you don’t enjoy to someone who will. For instance, if you are a great cook, but can’t do calligraphy, hire an expert to personally write your invitations.
  3. Place cards go a long way. The more personal, the better because guests enjoy being recognized.
  4. Centerpieces should be no more than 12” tall so you do not block view and conversation across the table.
  5. Take 30 minutes before your party to sit and relax. Don’t rush around until the final minute with finishing touches. Guests will sense if you are still stressed.

“Remember, your guests will not scrutinize as you, the host, will” ~ David Jackson


Fresh greenery with cream and brown hues join together to create a cozy and inviting look. Centerpiece by Enflora

When preparing a holiday table, David often uses a throw to create a warm setting (shown above in a plaid pattern). David likes to mix and match his silverware and china as well. This keeps the look interesting. If you mix and match, stay within the same color palette for a cohesive look.


This red ensemble is elegant yet simple using gold accents. Centerpiece by Enflora.


This table is more playful to captivate younger guests. A personalized touch like place cards makes guests of all ages feel special .


David believes that the holidays are the perfect time to honor loved ones who are no longer be with us. Incorporate china from a grandmother or perhaps a handmade ornament from a favorite aunt as a part of your centerpiece. It makes your tablescape unique and gives guests an opportunity to remember loved ones.

Happy Holidays!

About David Jackson & Co.

david-jackson-01_circleDavid’s work has received countless regional and national awards and has been published in Town and CountryWTraditional Home and Indianapolis Monthly. DJ&Co is located in the Indiana but its talents have extended to Beaver Creek and Vail, Colorado; Key Largo and Palm Beach, Florida; Harbor Springs and Leland Michigan; Santa Barbara and Bel Air, California; Fripp Island and Las Vegas, Nevada. Have a special event coming up? Visit David Jackson at the Indiana Design Center, suite 214, or call317-205-7170 to make an appointment.

GUEST BLOG: Small Spaces, Big Storage Solutions by California Closets

IDC welcomes guest bloggers Jennifer Phelan and Brandon Labay from California Closets to share with us a recent project that solved one of the most common needs in older homes: small space storage solutions

Creating quality customized spaces is what we do best at California Closets. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a couple on a master bedroom closet project. They had purchased a new home in south Broad Ripple. While the home was new to them, it was actually built in 1920 and the couple fell in love with its many charming details.

Design Challenge:

Like most older homes, it lacked functional and adequate storage space. The wife, a fashion and style blogger, needed an organized and stylish space to set out her clothing, accessories and wardrobe pieces that she photographs on a regular basis for her blog readers. Needless to say, the traditional small closets of this home posed a storage issue. Storage is a very common problem today for two reasons: first, home layouts from the early 1900’s are more segmented and choppy; second, in a modern society of consumption, we tend to have more clothes and belongings to store.

The bedroom next to the master was perfectly positioned to serve as a dressing room. Although well-positioned, this neighboring bedroom posed several design challenges that had to be worked around such as: existing windows, floor vents, wall vents and doors leading to the hallway and bathroom.


The gorgeous hardwood floors and original baseboards needed to be preserved as much as possible in keeping with the home’s original elements which we were able to accomplish.

Small Space Storage Solution:

We converted the neighboring bedroom into a dressing room. When it came time to choose the overall closet style, the couple decided upon a more modern design and color palette. Adriatic Mist (a soft-light gray paint) with polished chrome hardware and French mitered drawer fronts presented a fresh look and clean backdrop making the clothing the focal point. The built-in dresser top allows the resident fashionista a place to set out decorative accessories and perfumes with plenty of room for hanging garments on three different levels. As for the original closet in the master bedroom, it was converted into a dedicated shoe closet (of course!). In the end, our clients were thrilled with the outcome of their fully customized space that allowed them to do enjoy some of their favorite activities: blogging, photographing and living well.

More Storage Transformations:

Check out additional examples of existing spaces we’ve been able to transform for our clients. Everything from entire rooms, to small, undersized kitchen pantries have realized their potential.


Utilizing both open and closed storage with varied levels provides great functionality and maximum storage space.


Built-ins around a bed can create a headboard look with the added functionality of storage that compliments your existing furniture.


Find your pantry items more easily and quickly with customized shelving and pull-out drawers. Best of all, it gets items off the floor for a clean, organized look.

Looking to maximize your storage space? Call 317.245.4141 or visit our showroom today at 1 S. Rangeline Road, Carmel, IN.

About California Closets:

Visit the California Closets Carmel Showroom to experience the one-of-a-kind custom closets and storage spaces created by the Carmel team.  Explore design and material options in our state-of-the-art Design Studio. As you interact with the life-size systems, you’ll start to get a feel for the quality construction and the details that will work best for you and your home. We can guide you through the variety of finishes, accents and accessories available to help you find the perfect match for your aesthetic and budget.



Jennifer Phelen
Design Consultant



Brandon Labay
Product Manager


Local artist JD Naraine has recently exhibited some of her work for sale at the Coats-Wright Art & Design gallery at the Indiana Design Center. Her big, bold paintings fit right in with the other artists represented, from local to internationally-recognized artists, showcasing an eclectic mix of styles.

Ms. Naraine, raised in Cincinnati, OH, has always had a creative eye and had painted for enjoyment, but was not a professional artist until she painted her daughter’s portrait about 15 years ago. Once friends and neighbors saw what she could do, her career was launched. She became a painter of children’s portraits.

As she successfully built her career, her style evolved. In many of these works you can see the form of a person, but it is a far cry from a traditional-style portrait.

She uses vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes, and in many instances the female human form, evoking works from Impressionist masters like Matisse and Chagall.

Strong Girl Seated by ND Naraine

“Strong Girl Seated” by JD Naraine.

Girl in Blue & Gold by JD Naraine.

“Girl in Blue & Gold” by JD Naraine.

Straying even farther from her traditional training, she has also been inspired by more Expressionistic artists, like Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell. These works are more abstract, and are painted on huge canvases with mixed media, as some of these artists preferred.

"Black & White Figure Seated Abstract" and "Conte Umber Abstract " by JD Naraine.

“Conte Umber” and “Black & White Figure Seated” abstracts by JD Naraine.

She paints at her home studio in the Indianapolis area, taking breaks for yoga and getting re-inspired in nature and at local galleries and museums. To learn more about JD Naraine’s work and to see it in person, contact Dianne Wright, gallery director for Coats-Wright Art & Design, at 317-569-5980 or visit suite 122 of the IDC.

NEW AT IDC: MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art

martin-gallery-logoThe Indiana Design Center is pleased to announce that MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art will open a gallery showroom on the first floor of the Indiana Design Center (IDC) on Monday, October 10. Martin Gallery of Fine Art is owned by Marlon Martin who has extensive gallery experience from his career as a gallery director in Las Vegas, Nevada. New to Carmel, Indiana, MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art provides exceptional driftwood furniture creations that are one-of-a-kind and specializes in outstanding sculpture and fine art that is as inspiring as it is beautiful. Featured artists include renowned photographer Robert Park.

MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art’s furniture pieces feature the finest materials while incorporating exceptional artistry that provides offerings you cannot find anywhere else. “Our eco-friendly wood furniture is made entirely of renewable resources. Materials come from the Narra tree or Pterocarpus Indicus driftwood which are some of the most valuable tree remains in the Philippines,” said Marlon Martin, owner of MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art. The natural forms of the furniture are then complimented by an impressive selection of fine art photography with an emphasis on nature and landscapes.

“The gallery celebrates the natural beauty that can be found and preserved on our earth,” said Martin.

Featured in the Indianapolis Star October 21, 2016.

Fine art photography and eco-friendly furniture paired with fine art photography at MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art.

Fine art photography and eco-friendly furniture paired at MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art, suite 120-B at the IDC.

The showroom caters to both homeowners and design industry professionals and is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. “We are excited about the unique and carefully curated selection of furniture and artwork that MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art offers to the market and design community.  The addition of the gallery further solidifies the Indiana Design Center as the top destination to build, remodel or redecorate your home in Indiana,” said Melissa Averitt, S.V.P. for sales & marketing at Pedcor Companies. Additional lease negotiations are underway for 2016.

Follow MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art on Facebook for regular updates and merchandise previews.

Introducing The Trade Resource Now at the IDC

It is with great excitement that we introduce The Trade Resource, LLC, a trade-only showroom located in suite 225 on the second floor of the Indiana Design Center.

The Trade Source

Katie Kelly, owner of The Trade Resource, is thrilled to be providing an extensive breadth of fabric, wallcovering and trim products with great customer service in a brand new showroom for design professionals. Under Katie’s leadership, the showroom will be adopting innovative new policies and procedures to deliver an experience worthy of Indiana’s design community.

The Trade Resource is currently in the process of putting together its new showroom and will be open and operating in the current Trade Source space in suite 226 until the move is complete.

Designers: Please contact Katie to learn more about her new venture and with any questions. We hope that you will stop by soon to see the progress and join The Trade Resource for its first showroom event listed below. 

The Trade Resource Team:
Katie Kelly, Daniel Crockett, Nicole Simone
The Trade Resource | 317-818-8250

Save the Date!

The Trade Resource and Schumacher invite design professionals to lunch and a presentation to see the latest fall collection introductions. Invitation to follow.

Thursday, October 6 | Noon to 1 p.m.
The Trade Resource, Suite 225

TRENDS REPORT: 2016 Milan Furniture Fair

2016 Milan Furniture Fair
Reported by Tom Vriesman, Design Studio Vriesman

With 300,000 attendees over six days, an entire city is filled with industry giants, aspiring students, design aficionados and press. The Milan Furniture Fair, Salone del Mobile, is to the world of design what fashion week is to New York, London, Paris and Milan, only all in one city within a single week. It is the global event where the most innovative, artistic and creative furniture and design objects are presented.

This year, as in the past, every inch of Milan was taken over as a canvas for exhibition. Sidewalks, storefronts, abandoned industrial buildings, historic homes and cathedrals were all transformed to artfully exhibit, not just merely display, the latest in design thinking and manufacturing.

Color and form saw inspiration in femininity and glamour especially from the 1960’s.  Green and peachy pinks often contrasted with navy or yellow metals.

1960 Kiki Sofa for Artek Upholstered in Reflex by Raf Simons for Kvadrat.

1960 Kiki Sofa for Artek Upholstered in Reflex by Raf Simons for Kvadrat.

Verner Panton 1969 Flower Pot Pendant.

Verner Panton 1969 Flower Pot Pendant.

Light woods were pervasive throughout the city, which blanketed it in a soft, pastel mood. A glamorous vibe was seen as Knoll 18k recast Warren Platner’s collection in 18k gold and Dimore Studio’s offerings were characterized by voluptuous shapes, maximalist materials and richly patterned floor coverings.

Dimore Studio Poltrona 081

Dimore Studio Poltrona 081.

Pattern inspired by artist Gerhard Richter’s stained glass windows for the Cologne Cathedral informed Patricia Urquiola and Federico Pepe’s collection shown at Spazio Pontaccio.

While geometric minimalism is still strongly in existence, a more sensual and tactile mood that reflects what has been happening in the world of fashion at the hands of Gucci’s Alessandro Michele is emerging. Design is always at its greatest when it reflects the zeitgeist of our time while at the same time is inspired by a past epoch that resonates with our own.  Bellissimo!

About Tom Vriesman

Tom Vriesman

Design Studio Vriesman

Indiana Design Center
200 South Rangeline Road, Suite 219
Carmel, IN 46032

Tom Vriesman
[email protected]

Professional Bio

Tom Vriesman is the principal of Design Studio Vriesman. For more than twenty years Tom has been creating classically modern spaces of timeless simplicity.

A former creative director of showroom design for Herman Miller, Tom has received local and national accolades for his portfolio. His work has been published in House Beautiful, House Trends, Indianapolis Monthly, and The Indianapolis Star. He has received awards from the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild Decorators’ Show House, and Indianapolis Monthly. House Beautiful recognized Tom for designing one of the Ten Best Decorator Show House Rooms of 1996.

Tom is an advocate for arts and culture in Indianapolis. He serves on the Boards of Directors for the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art and the Design Arts Society of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and is a member of the St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Chancel Choir. Additionally, he has served as a visiting design critic and guest lecturer at various design schools, corporations and professional organizations.

DESIGN NEWS: Mont Surfaces Announces Partnership with Susie Frazier

MontGranite LogoOur western culture focuses a lot of energy on wellness as it relates to nutrition, exercise, and relationships. But today, Mont Surfaces and Susie Frazier are swinging the door wide open on the idea that well-being is also nurtured through nature-based, reflective design choices we make in our built environments. They are launching a home improvement movement around renewal, and everyone who’s ready to reclaim a little piece of themselves is welcome to join.

By combining Mont’s expertise in innovative trends and fine surface materials with Susie’s talent and design-centered connection to nature, Mont Surfaces and Susie Frazier plan to empower consumers to awaken their individuality through their own interior enhancements.  They will collaborate around lifestyle, art, nature, natural stone and creative surface materials in a way that will inspire consumers to initiate a degree of personal renewal through the pattern, color and design choices consumers make at home.  The partnership will connect with consumers through various channels, including shared blog postings, earned media, social media, personal appearances, feature print articles and digital media.

Mont_Susie at Candles 2

Susie at Mont headquarters in Cleveland, OH.

Susie Frazier is a pioneering designer of Earthminded Style®, a way of life that connects people to nature, using sustainable materials for personal empowerment. Susie blends organic sensibilities with natural and industrial discards to create biophilic design solutions that provide opportunities for people to heal the patterns of their lives. Her soulful products, textural fine art, original photographs and digitally-illustrated patterns have influenced audiences across America as they pursue their own degree of personal reclamation.

As a compliment to Susie’s art, Mont’s natural stone collections contain some of the earth’s most beautiful patterns and colors while their engineered quartz and porcelain lines replicate many of those elements using fragments of nature’s materials with innovative technologies.  By combining Mont’s natural and engineered products with Susie’s earth-minded aesthetic, the vision is to raise awareness that our surroundings have a direct influence on our ability to foster tranquility and wellness.

Mont_Susie at candles

Susie finding inspiration on a slab of blue geodes in the Mont showroom.

Susie Frazier, founder of SUSIE FRAZIER Inc. commented “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Mont Surfaces. As consumers look to create spaces that revitalize and nurture the spirit, we will be there with Mont to offer new design ideas that truly support that mission.

“Mont is very pleased to form a partnership with Susie Frazier.  By combining Susie’s passion for art, nature and reclamation with Mont’s vision to blend beauty, nature and innovation, we can spark exciting new concepts and theories for reflective, integrated design,” said Dinesh Bafna, President of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc.

For more information on the partnership, please visit and

About Mont Surfaces

With over 27 years of experience, Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. is recognized as one of the Midwest’s premier wholesale suppliers of fine surface materials for commercial and residential projects.  Maintaining an extensive inventory of natural stone (granite, marble, soapstone, travertine, quartzite and onyx), porcelain slabs, precious stone and engineered quartz, Mont travels the world to provide architects, designers, developers and homeowners the ability to select the perfect surface material for their projects.

Mont’s knowledgeable and courteous sales associates have the expertise to guide designers and consumers through the exciting material selection process and serve as the liason between the designer/consumer and their industry professional.

Mont Granite, Inc.
5945 W 84th Street, Suite A
Indianapolis, IN  46278

Darik Campbell
[email protected]

TRENDS REPORT: The Softer Side of Summer

According the new introductions and trends at Spring High Point Market, it’s time to freshen up your home by embracing the lighter, softer side of design. This look can be achieved by experimenting with combinations of gold and creamy whites, airy or curved furnishings and subtle metal accents. Softened decor works as a nice contrast to the old-world look which dominated homes in the past. Lighten up your home this year by welcoming feminine, timeless pieces.

“We’ve spent years embracing the strength and power that industrial elements deliver to a space, but now we’re getting in tough with the softer side of design.”

-Marie Flanigan, North Point Design Studio
Spring High Point Market Style Report

Showrooms at the Indiana Design Center are also on board with this design movement and have an array of softer design options. The following products below were spotted throughout the IDC showrooms.

Aubade Chandelier by Currey & Co. from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, suite 101 at the IDC

Aubade Chandelier by Currey & Co. from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, suite 101 at the IDC

h curated 2

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic chairs from H Curated, suite 120-B at the IDC.

softer side room

Vervain drapery from from Drapery Street, suite 109 at the IDC.


Visual Comfort Aerin Lynn Wall Light from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, suite 101 at the IDC.

Daisy Field Glazzio Tile from Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs, suite 124.

Daisy Field Glazzio Tile from Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs, suite 124 at the IDC.

french antique chairs, hunt slonem

French antique chairs, hide rug and artwork by Hunt Slonem from Coats-Wright Art & Design, suite 122 at the IDC.

Crestview Collection Monaco Mirror Side Tables from Holder Mattress, suite 119 at the IDC.

Crestview Collection Monaco Mirror Side Tables from Holder Mattress, suite 119 at the IDC.

High Point Market Style Report: Geometric Patterns

At Spring High Point Market, geometric patterns were among the latest home design trends for individuals seeking an outlet for their pattern-passion. Geometrics can be found in a range of materials for every room in your home. Incorporate this look by finding a marble mosaic tile to dress your shower, discovering the funky vibe of a light fixture, or adding personality to your walls with wallcovering. If you want to take these motifs one step further, find pieces of material that have dimension such as Santarossa’s Giovanni Barbieri tile that is layered with 3-D texture.

“Geometric patterns were everywhere, and their prominence indicated that companies are not afraid to express a love of pattern.”

-Malene Barnett, North Point Design Studio
2016 Spring High Point Market Style Report

Showrooms at the Indiana Design Center are also on board with this design movement and have plenty of geometric options. The following products were spotted throughout the IDC showrooms.

barbieri collage

Giovanni Barbieri Collection from Santarossa, suite 117 at the IDC. 


Drapery designs by Drapery Street, suite 109 at the IDC.

andrea's elan light pic

Elan Kotton Multi Light Pendant from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, suite 101 at the IDC.

Hexagon Kohler Briolette vessel from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, suite 101 at the IDC.

Hexagon Kohler Briolette vessel from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, suite 101 at the IDC.

Bridgehamptom Demetrius wallcovering by Thibaut available through a design professional at The Trade Source, suite 226 at the IDC.

Bridgehamptom Demetrius wallcovering by Thibaut available through a design professional at The Trade Source, suite 226 at the IDC.

nailhead chest

Bernhardt Nailhead Chest from Holder Mattress, suite 119 at the IDC.

Duomo Calacatta Gold Polished Stone Dimensional Mosaic by Artistic Tile from Santarossa Mosaic & Tile Co., suite 117 at IDC

Duomo Calacatta Gold Polished Stone Dimensional Mosaic by Artistic Tile from Santarossa Mosaic & Tile Co., suite 117 at the IDC