Top Items to be Premiered at Swanky Sale

Indiana Design Center’s retail pop-up shop, The Swanky Abode, is hosting a preview sale from February 10th through the 11th featuring 5,000 square feet of hard-to-find mid-century modern home furnishings and accessories. The full collection will only be available to the Indianapolis community during this sale, after which The Swanky Abode will leave town and launch its online catalog of items available only through TheSwankyAbode.comTo kick-off the preview sale, they’ll be hosting a launch party on February 9th from 6 pm to  9 pm.  Click here for details.

If you need more convincing, here are the three main reasons why you should not ignore this opportunity. We sat down with the family and discovered what some of the most popular items were, and what made them so great.


Harry Bertoia Bench
“For this priceless piece, when we say one of a kind, we truly mean one of a kind. There are not a whole lot of these originals floating around, as Harry Bertoia was mainly a sculptor and only did 1 line of furniture for Knoll.  The Harry Bertoia Bench is one of the most beautiful benches we have seen.  We bought this piece in New Jersey and had it restored to bring it back to its original state and find it a deserving home!” -Israel Jones






 Hans Olsen Rocking Chair
“The Hans Olsen Rocking Chair is also a very unique, hard-to-find piece of furniture, as it was imported by DUX from Denmark.  The chair is made of teak, retaining its original fun and happy fabric. Featuring its original hand-webbing, it feels as great as it looks!  This is one of the most comfortable rocking chairs you will ever find, and it is the perfect design for the minimalist who loves comfort and appreciates a true piece of art.” -Israel Jones




Niels Moller Chairs
“These chairs are beautiful from every angle!  They are teak and retain their original webbing.  The Niels Moller chairs were also imported from Denmark. This chair is offered as a rare part of a set of 8, with 2 arm chairs.  Niels Moller was known for hiding away the chairs he designed for a year and then bringing them back out the next year and tweaking them again.  He would do this for 5 years before he released a new design. These were truly designed for comfort and look.” -Israel Jones




About The Swanky Abode
The Swanky Abode is a pop-up shop that originates from Columbus, Ohio, and its stay in the Indiana Design Center is for a limited time only. Its product line features a blend of both vintage and modern and it offers a lot of personality and variety. It is owned and managed by a fun and comfort-loving family, the Jones, who frequently travel the country in search of treasured relics as well as new designs. In addition to unique finds, the store also features charmingly chic home accessories like pillows, rustic jar vases and its very own candle line, Shine. Learn more about The Swanky Abode and the Jones family.

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  1. sherrie smolen says:

    I’m interested in your Moller chairs. Please advice if they are still available and the cost for the armchairs.
    Thank you.

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