SPRING FEVER: Create Your Outdoor Oasis

With warm weather upon us, now is the perfect time to prepare for another season of outdoor entertaining and enjoyment. The outdoor living experts at Godby Hearth & Home have compiled a list of the most innovative products from outdoor fireplaces to heaters and pergolas that will inspire, enhance and invigorate your outdoor living experience.


With so many styles and variations to choose from, the pergola is the perfect way to define an outdoor space. Rather than managing a custom construction pergola built on-site and anxiously awaiting its completion, consider a high-quality pergola that comes as a kit and can be assembled by a professional or yourself. Manufactured to factory-built specs and in a controlled environment, these pergolas are beautiful and high-quality.


Pergola and gas hearth available through Godby Hearth & Home.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

The new breed of outdoor gas fireplaces are free-standing, moveable and made of stucco and stone. The portable fireplaces pictured operate on a simple 20 lb. gas cylinder tank (like that of a portable gas grill). These units look like a traditional site-built fireplace, are easy to use and are built of quality materials. Bonus features: there is no need to gather wood to build the fire or clean after use and you can take the unit with you if you move.

Outdoor gas fireplace from Godby Hearth & Home.

Outdoor gas fireplace from Godby Hearth & Home.

Outdoor Heaters

Traditionally used in commercial settings, outdoor porch and patio heaters have become increasingly popular in residential settings. Properly proportioned and well-positioned heaters are the best way to extend the life of any outdoor room.  There are 3 basic types: gas, electric and portable. Today, the mounted units are sleek, attractive and fit nicely into the decor of an outdoor room.


Bromic portable outdoor heater available through Godby Hearth & Home.

Visit the Godby Hearth & Home showroom at the Indiana Design Center in suite 113 to consult on the design elements and products that work best for your project

Godby Hearth & Home Interactive Studio, suite 113 at the Indiana Design Center.

Godby Hearth & Home Interactive Studio, suite 113 at the Indiana Design Center.

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